Our first pantomime presentation was Aladdin in 1967 at the Little Theatre. Three more pantomimes were to be presented here until it was realised that the venue was too small for such productions. Seating capacity was not enough to satisfy the demand by our patrons and with such a small capacity it was difficult to recover costs with the subsequent risk of running a show at a financial loss.


The larger venue of (the now demolished) Heathfield Senior High School was the venue for our first production outside of the Little Theatre, this being Red Riding Hood in 1972. Since then, all pantomime productions have taken place at the Dryden Centre (originally the Gateshead Girls Grammar School).


One of the objectives contained in our constitution is to raise funds for charitable purposes. We have made contributions to many charities over the years, not only by way of direct financial assistance but also by allowing discounts on ticket prices and performing concerts when requested directly in aid of specific charities. Whenever possible such assistance is directed at charities within our local area in return for the support of the local people who make up our audiences. Nationally based charities do however receive assistance where this is considered appropriate.

In 1953, a group of people from the Grammar School formed a choir. The name of the choir was THE CAPRIANS, chosen because of the link between the school and the goat's head used in its emblem. The 10th sign of the zodiac is Capricorn (the goat) and the name Caprian is a derivation of this.

Some of the choir members decided in 1964 to form an Operatic Society for the purpose of presenting their first musical production, Salad Days by Sandy Wilson. It was decided to retain the link with the school and the name CAPRIAN AMATEUR OPERATIC AND DRAMATIC SOCIETY was chosen.


The Society logo was design in the 1990s by our then secretary, feeling it appropriate to a goat's head in the design, reatining the link to the Caprian title and it's origin.


The Society formally changed it's name to the CAPRIAN THEATRE COMPANY in 2006.

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